Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drugstore Foundation Routine!

Hey lovelies!  It's seriously been AGES since i posted last, but I had an insane amount of other projects going on so I gave up blogging, but here I am again!!  And what better way to celebrate than a drugstore foundation routine? 

Obviously foundation depends a lot on what skin type you have.  Since I have a combination skin type, finding a good foundation can be tricky.  Parts of my skin like my forehead and chin can be oily sometimes while my nose is always super dry.  I've spent a lot of money on foundations before, but lately on a more restricted budget, I decided to go back to good ol drugstore brands. 

The first thing I'm going to talk about is the L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation.  I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about this, but I decided to try it for myself.  Some people have had issues finding the right color for them, but since I'm insanely pale, I can almost always match the palest option in the majority of different foundation lines.  What I like most about this foundation is that it is oil free and all day wear.  When you blend it into your skin, it blends super easily and doesn't feel cakey or oily at all.  It has about a medium coverage, which is just what I like in foundations.  It covers up redness perfectly and makes any problem area so much less noticeable.  Plus it has an SPF of 17 built in, which is really good for me since I don't always make it a priority to put sunscreen on my face, like you're supposed to year round.  Overall, for the drugstore price, I really liked this foundation.  Just remember to shake it up first!

After the foundation, I've been using Cover Girl fresh complexion concealer in classic ivory.  This is one of my favorite drugstore concealers ever.  I've used it for a long time, and haven't bought a high end concealer in a really long time just because this has been good for what I needed for so long.  It's super blendable to cover imperfections and doesn't clog my pores.  I have bad reactions to certain concealers and foundations sometimes and this doesn't bother my skin at all.  It's a lightweight formula, and stays on all day.  I have super bad under eye circles, but this totally takes care of it. 

To finish it all of with another Cover Girl product, I've been using the Cover Girl Clean sensitive skin pressed powder in creamy natural.  I really like that this is fragrance-free and really gentle for my skin.  My face is also really sensitive to powders, but this is hypoallergenic and doesn't irritate my skin at all.  It has a shine-free formula that diminishes the appearance of pores. Tt keeps me from looking shiny all day and gives me a really pollished look.  Powders is one of the make up items that I hate spending lots of money on the most since it's so basic and isn't a very fun thing to buy, so I'll buy this again!

So girls, what are your favorite Drugstore Foundations, Concealers, and Powders!?
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