Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: some ELF products

So i was really excited to get a couple of ELF products and try them out, and i wanted to let everyone know just what i thought of them.  Remember, everyone has different opinions so if you tried the product and thought something else about it, thats fine too.  You can always leave your personal opinions in the comments :)

Bronzing Brush- Now let me just say that ELF products here in the U.S. where i live are veryyy inexpensive.  Finding a brush for $1.00 even at drug stores can be very difficult.  I have heard very mixed reviews on ELF brushes, but I have to say I actually don't think they are bad for the price.  Do keep in mind however that I have never bought expensive brushes such as MAC brushes or anything so compaired to other cheaper brands, i think they are fair quality.  They aren't the softest bristles I've ever felt, but they definitely aren't rough, and the bristles didn't irritate my skin which is a major plus since my skin is super sensitive and many brushes before have just been too harsh on it.  That is true of all the ELF brushes I have tried.  I think that their bronzing brush is a little smaller than most others, but i really love the angle to it.  I wouldn't use this brush for blush, but i really do think it is good with contouring, and i haven't experienced any real problem with shedding.
Golden Bronzer-Now this product I LOVE! It comes with four different colors which have a little shimmer to them, but nothing overboard.  Just swirl your brush over all of them to pick up a little of each color and use it to really make your bone stucture stand out and give yourself a sun kissed look.  I think it is just beautiful and I love how glowy my face looks afterwards.  I will definitely purchase this again, can't beat the price either.  Plus you could even use the colors for eye shadow sometime if you wanted. 
Shimmering Facial Whip- Okay once again this price is amazing.  It is just $1.00 too.  I love putting this right on the top of my cheekbones. i just put a tiny dot on my finger and pat it on.  It isn't like obnoxious glitter or anything, it just adds a little shimmer that you can notice especially if your under light.  It's a great product for highlighting and giving a pretty almost dewy finish.  You can also add it under your brow or right above your cupid's bow to give kind of a pouty lip illusion.  It's a tiny bit sticky when you first dab it on, but its fine once it dries, and it dries super fast.  Plus let me just say, it smells amazingggg!  Kind of like citrus or like a cream cycle! mmm.

peace, love, beauty

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mini Target Makeup Haul!

There was a sale on Sally Hanson nail polish so I HAD to pick some up.  You can never have enough nail polish!  From left to right the colors are Lacy Lilac, Blue-Away, and Twisted Pink.  I love all of these colors and they actually dry pretty fast.  The smaller bottles are usually $2.04 and the triangle-ish bottles are $4.54

These are some Cover Girl products.  First is one of the well known lash blast mascaras. I swearrrr by those mascaras.  I love them.  This one is a luxe edition that has shimmer in it.  The shimmer is very subtle, but it really does brighten up your eyes especially under the light.  This one is black platnum.  The next thing is a line exact liquid eye liner.  It is like a pen in the color smoke number 605.  I really expected to like this product, but unfortunately I don't think its that great.  It doesn't show up much and it fades fast.  Mascara-$5.94 Liner-$6.23

Lately i've really been into the whole contouring idea so i also got a new elf bronzer and bronzing brush.  The brush bristles are superrrr soft and the bronzer is gorgous.  Just a little goes a long way. I can't wait to experiment with this! Brush-$1.00
Bronzer- $3.00

This is another elf product that is amazing for highlighting. It is a shimmering facial whip in spotlight. A little of this on your cheek bones or right below your eyebrw totally makes your bone structure look amazingggg.  You could even add a little on your cupid's bow for a pouty looking mouth. Plus the price of this is amazing-only $1.00! Seriously contouring and highlighting can totally change your look and is like make up magic!

peace, love, beauty
-rachel xox

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top 3 Spring Nail Polishes




With spring finally here i am so beyond ready to switch out my winter reds, browns, and navys for some lighter, more pastelly colors.  There are sooo many awesome colors out there for spring and there are so many different brands, so don't feel at all like these specific colors in only OPI is the only way to go.  I just wanted to put my top three nail polishes for spring out there.  You can never go wrong with pink, and this light baby pink is so soft, girly, and romantic.  I love this color and the plus is because it's so light, you hardly notice if it starts to chip a little so you can wear it longer.  The second color is a gorgeous lilac.  I've wanted a color like this for a longgg time, and i found that this is the PERFECT one!  I love that it is very opaque and is just dark enough without getting too deep.  Besides, what screams spring more than lilac?  The third color is a light green color.  It's almost kind of a minty green.  Finally in spring its time for green leaves, green grass, green plants so this color definitely reminds me of the clean cool outdoors.  I've never been a huge fan of green nail polish but i just love this one.  It's not too over the top. 

Each one of these are great choices and I would loveee it if you would share with me your favorites!  I'm alwaysss out on the look for new nail polish!

peace, love, beauty (and of course gorgeous nails)
-rachel :))
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