Monday, April 25, 2011

Mini Target Makeup Haul!

There was a sale on Sally Hanson nail polish so I HAD to pick some up.  You can never have enough nail polish!  From left to right the colors are Lacy Lilac, Blue-Away, and Twisted Pink.  I love all of these colors and they actually dry pretty fast.  The smaller bottles are usually $2.04 and the triangle-ish bottles are $4.54

These are some Cover Girl products.  First is one of the well known lash blast mascaras. I swearrrr by those mascaras.  I love them.  This one is a luxe edition that has shimmer in it.  The shimmer is very subtle, but it really does brighten up your eyes especially under the light.  This one is black platnum.  The next thing is a line exact liquid eye liner.  It is like a pen in the color smoke number 605.  I really expected to like this product, but unfortunately I don't think its that great.  It doesn't show up much and it fades fast.  Mascara-$5.94 Liner-$6.23

Lately i've really been into the whole contouring idea so i also got a new elf bronzer and bronzing brush.  The brush bristles are superrrr soft and the bronzer is gorgous.  Just a little goes a long way. I can't wait to experiment with this! Brush-$1.00
Bronzer- $3.00

This is another elf product that is amazing for highlighting. It is a shimmering facial whip in spotlight. A little of this on your cheek bones or right below your eyebrw totally makes your bone structure look amazingggg.  You could even add a little on your cupid's bow for a pouty looking mouth. Plus the price of this is amazing-only $1.00! Seriously contouring and highlighting can totally change your look and is like make up magic!

peace, love, beauty
-rachel xox


  1. Will definitely be looking for dupes of those cute nail polishes over in the UK :)! x

  2. I really want to try ELF cosmetics. Can you review their products? I can't get them easily where I live.

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  3. sure thing! i'll get reviews up as soon as i try them out a little more!! :))

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