Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Youtube Beauty Gurus

Hey girls!! Are you seriously youtube beauty guru obsessed like meee??  I seriously am addicted and spend way to much time watching make up and fashion videos.  So who are your favs?  In just random order here are some of my faves:

1. juicystar07 (my first ever guru obsession)
2. Macbarbie07
3. AllThatGlitters21
4. kandeejohnson
5.  meganheartsmakeup

Those are all pretty popular gurus, but i still thought i'd share them with you.  Do you watch any of these girls too? Who are your favorites?  Leave a comment below! Love you!

peace, love, beauty


  1. Omg there are so many great girls. Here are two I love that you didn't list = D

    missglamorazzi (she is so relateable too)
    NikkiPhillippi (she is so sweet and replys on twitter, gatta love a guru that interacts w/ subbies)

    I'm subbed to so many great girls those are just two I really like = D

    Check out my blog and click on the link to my YT channel and you can see everyone I am subbed to = D If I am subbed to them I recommend them!

  2. I like most of them, but I don't watch them much anymore. One person who I don't like the meganheartsmakeup. I know she just did a video on how she "Really was" or whatever but I still think she i kinda spoiled bratty b***h. I know know why but everything she says and does annoys me.


  3. luv juicystar07 <3
    there is no oe like her :)

  4. I watch juicystar07 and AllThatGlitters21 all the time! I need to check out the others you listed too :)

  5. I love juicystar07 and watch her all the time! You're blog is great! Please follow me back :)

  6. They're all great girls!

    You should check out SWalker make-up too! She's so nice (: x

  7. Hey I gave you an award check it out here

  8. I LOVE dulcecandy87!!! She is also a youtuber!!!